Week 14

This is the continuation of the Edutechnovation Day. So basically, last week is the only a practice to prepare us for the real Edutechnovation day which is today. The presentation last week was to allow Dr Rosseni to give her last comments and for us to do the final editing.

Strangely enough, compared to last week, I’m not feeling nervous at all to present the video. Well, just like the saying says, “Practices makes Perfect”. However, I was not able to be one of the presenter as I had a flu and a sore throat that day, so I had to passed the job as the presenter to Anis. And Anis did really well. ๐Ÿ™‚ As you all know, like last week, we had to give marks for each group using the ‘remote’ thing which until this day I still haven’t figure out its name. So, basically the marks for this week is better than last week. And surprise, surprise, GG Creation’s video only get higher marks from the audiences. No lower marks at all.

When the time came for the winner of video production is announced, I was kinda blur due to the flu I had, so I had no idea that they are announcing the third place winner. I really thought that the ‘Triple N Single I’ won ย but the Mell told me the situation. The second place goes to the Ladies Production. At this time I was feeling disappointed as it seems that our chance to win is very low. I mean, all the other groups made a good job and we had a tough competitors around us. So when Mr Fuad announced that the first place goes to…*insert drumroll here* Heart!! Haha, I was really blur at the moment as Mr Fuad didn’t say our group name, instead he said ย the subject of our video. So it takes a while for me, Anis and Mell to realize the situation. Only Jannah is aware of what is happening and finally it reach us that we had win the competition!!! ย YEAY!! GO GG CREATION!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Lots of thanks to everyone who had helps us throughout this course; especially Dr Rosseni, Kak Ana, Mr Helmi, Mr Fuad, and all the facilitators. We owe you a lot.

Below is my 1-minute pitch about the course and takes a look at some of the picture from the day. ๐Ÿ™‚

our final storyboard

our final storyboard

marks for GG Creation

marks for GG Creation



with the lecturer & facis

with the lecturer & facis

yeay us :)

yeay us ๐Ÿ™‚

with the rest of the class

with the rest of the class


1 Minute Pitch


Week 13

Hello everyone. So today is the day the day we present our video. The Edutechnovation Day!!

All our hard works are going to be judged today and it really makes me nervous. I mean what if the video that we made is not up to the standard and we had to redo it? *shudder* Thankfully, we manage to finish the video on time, so at least we had done our best in producing and editing it, so me and my teammates are just crossing our fingers and hope for the best.

We also had to make a poster related to our theme of the video and I am very satisfied with the poster. I mean, the poster looks gorgeous and everything ๐Ÿ™‚ Take a look at it below ย and tell me your opinion about it.

the poster part 1

the poster part 1

We ask Dr Rosseni about it and she is happy with our work, but she said that there are some changes that can be made to the poster such as increasing the space between the credit and the tagline, highlighting the tagline as it is hard to identified which one is our tagline, and place the name in a straight line. We are very thankful for her feedback and we’ll make the change later on so that we can show the poster with the changes to her in next week class.

And the time has come for each groups to present their videos. We vote to decide the order to present and Jannah pick a lucky number 3 from 7 numbers. Pheww, at least we can watch the other two groups presenting first so that we can pick up how they do during their presentation. We also been given a remote controller thing which I don’t know the name to give the mark for each group. The lowest score is 1 and the highest is 4. So, our marks will not be only given by the lecturer and the facilitators, but also by our classmates. That is something new.

By the time for our group to present, my calmness is slowly disappearing and I’m start to feel nervous. I keep stuttering during the presentation, which is totally not me. Thankfully, things are getting better as time passes. And when the time for us to show the video to the class, I’m starting to get nervous again.This video is our hard work and I really hope that everyone will like it as much as we do.

After everyone had present their video, Dr. Rosseni gave her opinion about the videos, Thankfully, she really liked our video!! Hehe. She said that she liked the part when the doctor (me) telling the sister (Anis) that her patient (Mell) is having the heart failure. She said theta scene is funny although it supposed to be a sad scene. And Mr Helmi said the same thing about that scene. Must be the background music that did the magic ๐Ÿ™‚ Credit to Jannah for giving such a great idea to use that song as the background music of that scene.

The Edutechnovation will continue next week so wait for another update from me ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy our video, and don’t forget to give your feedback ๐Ÿ™‚

Week 12

So, we came to the class today expecting to present our video, but Dr Rosenni told us that instead of presenting it today, she have something else to do with us; that is to comment about how much our reflection blog is not up to the expectation. I’m kinda scared that she will scold us, which she did, but in a nicer way that we don’t deserve. I mean, we’ve been told so many times by Kak Ana and Mr Helmi about our blog and yet we still did a bad job about it. The way she talked made me realize that I should put much more effort in my blog if I want to get a good result for this course, which I assure you that I really want. I mean, this course is one of the course that I sincerely enjoyed and my attendance in this class is due to the fact that I WANT TO attend the class and not because I have to. So, after a few minutes of reflecting ourselves, we’re back to business.

Next week is the week that we supposed to present our poster, video and slides. I’m very nervous about it even though things are going well for my team. We are also told that we have to prepare a 1-minute pitch each but that is due the week after so, I’ll shall worry about that after this week presentation.

So, the poster should be in A3 size and should have the theme for our video. We’ll have to hang the poster at the class so that everyone can see. And I think we I heard Kak Ana said something about the storyboard that we created before, but I’m not really sure. I think we have to put the storyboard there as well but as I’m not really sure about itย I’ll ask the classmates later about that matter.

Next, the facilitators take a moment to review our projects and give some last minute advise. According to Mr Helmi, our project is good but we should put more details about the theme so that it’ll make it easier for the people to get the message that we are trying to conveyed from our video. He has a really good point there, so we decided that we’ll make a bit alteration to the video. Instead of mostly stop motion, we will put a narration and we’ll even act out a few scenes in the video so that the message is more clear.

Last but not least, I would like to apologize to Dr Rosseni and all the facilitators for not being serious enough in maintaining this blog. I, no, we will try to do better so that all of you can be proud of us. Thank you so much for you hard works in teaching us throughout this course.


Week 11

As we’ve learned how to use Adobe Photoshop, its time for us to create our own posters for the video. Below are some of the posters that we’ve tried to create.






Cool, right?? But there’s much more to do. We need to choose which one is the best, and after that we need to sent it to Dr Rosseni for her acknowledgement, then we get to print it if we get the O.K sign from Dr. *sigh* Busy, busy us ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Week 10


Means that we have to present our works so far. Sounds scary~~~~

Haha, just kidding ๐Ÿ˜‰

We have to present to the class our progress in the video making and what else we haven’t finish. Below is what we’ve done so far and still much more that we need to do!!


After the presentation and after watching all the other groups’ works, we think that we need to to do something about our video. It looks too simple. So we decided that we will still use the stop motion thing, but instead of doing a full stop motion video, we will also be acting a few scenes ourselves.

Well, let’s the camera ready, and ACTION!!

Week 9

Helllllo again !!

In this entry, I will talk a little bit about the latest software that I’ve learned in the class which is *insert drum roll here* PHOTOSHOP!!! I LOVE PHOTOSHOP !! But unfortunately I never had the chance to learn how to properly use the software so this lesson is like a dream come true for me ๐Ÿ™‚

Editing is so much fun especially when we are editing what we like. So, I use a picture of Lay of EXO and did some editing here and there.

Here’s the result :





Okay, enough with the fun, back to business.